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Program History

In 1996, the Governorís House program was created as a way to provide reasonably sized, affordable homes to income-qualified individuals and families.

More than2,500 Governor's Houses have been sold to income-qualified families in South Dakota.

These new homes account for jobs and dollars in the local economy through the sale of lots, foundation and concrete work, sale of appliances, and sale and installation of flooring. Governor's Houses expand or improve local housing stocks and increase the tax base.

For More Information:

Emeline Hoblick
Phone: (605) 773-2781
E-mail: emeline@csded.org

John Coppock
Phone: (605) 773-2780
E-mail: john@csded.org

Purchase Price

Two Bedroom:


   plus excise and sales tax

Three Bedroom


    plus excise and sales tax

2014 Governor's House Improvements

Homeowners should see at least 15-25% decrease in energy usage from previous Governor's Houses. Click here for a .pdf of the updated specs


Improved air-sealing techniques resulting in a minimum of 50% decrease in air leakage tested.

Further reduction in thermal bridging by using advanced framing techniques.

Switching to a blow-in-batt insulation to eliminate voids and uninsulated cavities.

Increase the assembly R-Value of the exterior walls from R-24 to R-29 by adding an additional 1-inch of high density foam sheathing. This also further reduces thermal bridging and degradation of cavity R-Value by warming the interior of the wall.


Changing from sliding windows to casement windows to decrease air infiltration.

Improving window to .29a U-Value.


Improving gas furnace to 96.1% efficiency.

Improving electric water heater to .93 Efficiency Factor.

Addition of a Heat Recovery Ventilator to improve indoor air quality. Heat Recovery Ventilators pull fresh exterior air in balanced fashion to replace stale indoor air. As the intake air is brought into the unit as much as 65% of the heat is recovered from stale exhaust air.

At least 80% of exterior and interior light fixtures will have compact fluorescent bulbs installed.

3rd Party Energy Star certification:

Plant and facilities will be monitored by a 3rd party for quality, energy efficient product usage, installation methods, and performance.

Homes will be eligible for Energy Star for New Home certification, should the homeowner choose. Certification may require field testing once the home is set on a foundation and complete. Only homes with gas furnaces are eligible.

Energy Star certified homes will be eligible for EEM (Energy Efficient Mortgage) which will help a homeowner leverage energy savings into purchasing power.

Governor's House Program

Narrow Lot Door Left (Standard) Layout
Two Bedroom Door Right (Standard) Layout
Three Bedroom Door Right (Standard) Layout
House Exterior, Left Door (Reverse) Layout

Income Guidelines

For individuals and couples, household income cannot exceed $48,300* For families of three or more, household income cannot exceed $55,200.*


For individuals and families under the age of 62, net worth must be less than $90,000 and less than $70,000 in liquid assets.


For individuals and families age 62 and older, net worth must be less than

$175,000 and less than $100,000 in liquid assets.


The house must be placed within South Dakota, be used as the homebuyer's only residence, and be owned by the individual(s) living in the home.


     *Income guidelines as of May 1, 2017


Click HERE to watch a virtual walk-though of a Governor's House.

The current lead time for a Governor's House is 120-150 days (4-5 months).

Homebuyer's Responsibilities

Provide the lot

Purchase the building permit

Provide the foundation

Utility hookups and fees

Floor coverings and appliances

- Financing: It is the responsibility of the purchaser to seek financing options; we do NOT provide direct financing. Most banks are aware of the governors house program and will be able to help you with financing.

House Features

- 2 Bedroom 24' x 42' home = 1,008 sq. ft
- 3 Bedroom 24' x 50' home = 1,200 sq. ft.
- 2" X 6" exterior wall construction with R-28 insulation.
- R-60 blown-in Cellulose insulation in the attic.
- Vinyl lap siding with a color choice of Clay or Sage.
- Vinyl windows with insulated glass.
- Oak kitchen & bath cabinets.
- Choice of an electric forced air or gas forced air furnace.
- Electric hot water heater.
- 1/2" sheetrock on all interior walls; 5/8" sheetrock on ceilings.
- All walls are taped, textured and painted.
- IKO Asphalt Shingles   Color: Driftwood

Additional Programs Offered:
Both non-profit developers and builders and for-profit developers and builders may purchase houses to resell to qualified buyers. (For-profit developers and builders must be members of the South Dakota Homebuilders Association
May be purchased for rental use only under financing programs that (i) require long term affordable rent limits targeting low-income families and (ii) have ongoing federal or state compliance requirements and monitoring.
School districts may purchase houses under following terms: (i) house must be used to provide housing to teachers and other school district employees in rural community, as defined by most recent U.S. Census (currently 2,500 or less); (ii) house and property on which located must be owned by school district; and (iii) house may not be resold unless written waiver is received from SDHDA.

Watch a new Governor's House being delivered below


For additional information please visit:

South Dakota Housing Development Authority


                                                         Office Located at 3431 Airport Road, Suite 3, Pierre, SD 57501

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